The Music of Father Yod

The Source Family were a new religious movement a.k.a cult that existed throughout the 1970’s. The enigmatic Father Yod standing as the group’s leader and patriarch.

During the group’s heyday they were primarily known for their health food restaurant on Sunset Blvd. a chic place, among the first of it’s kind frequented by Hollywood stars and earning rave reviews for their more natural approach to cooking. In many ways the place was ahead of its time, anticipating many trends that would emerge as a dominant part of restaurant culture in the 2010’s.

RS Source restaurant1-source.0

What the group was less known for was their music – long, intensely psychedelic jams much akin to the work of Can, Faust and other avant-garde Krautrock groups of the era. The releases have become highly collectible and sought-after. Fortunately, as with most things in the world, many of the recordings have been digitized and uploaded to YouTube. And so here is one of there very best albums, Penetration: an Aquarian Symphony.

The full story of the Source family can be found in this incredible documentary: