From Vice:

At this very moment, the writers behind Mad Men are working on a new concept that would transport us half a century back in the history of NASA. The show focuses on the media covering the ins and outs of early space travel. The show is not a done deal, but it’s got people on both sides of the table excited. 


I stayed up late by myself on Thursday night, had a slow, strong drink and watched an episode of Cosmos. I had a great a time losing myself in the music, the writing and the tone of wonder that’s so real in every sentence Carl sagan reads.
Carl sagan was truly a visionary. And he was kind enough to share those visions with the rest of the world through teaching, books and television appearances.

If you stop and think about it, It’s so amazing that, through the power of science and technology, we’re still able to spend time with him, even decades after he left us.


Was Alex P. Keaton an asshole? I mean, preppy, success-obsessed, uber-capitalist…he has all the ingredients for someone who ended up in jail later in life over a savings and loan scandal or wall street scam.

But no, I don’t think he was an asshole. Not inside. He was a good kid. And I bet, as he got older, and married Valerie, and had a family of his own, he came to see that it wasn’t all about worshipping at the altar of money and carry pictures of Nixon in your wallet.

I bet he turned out pretty cool.