McCartney Songs from OOBU JOOBU

Browsing through YouTube suggestions today when I came across a series of Paul McCartney cuts from his short-lived radio series Oobu Joobu.

From Wikipedia:

Oobu Joobu was a radio show created by Paul McCartney in 1995 and described by McCartney as “wide-screen radio”.[1] The program aired on the American radio network Westwood One and its name was inspired by a BBC production of Alfred Jarry‘s Ubu Cocu. Because the show’s material included demos, rehearsals, live performances, and unreleased recordings of Paul McCartney and The Beatles, many of the programs have been bootlegged.

If You haven’t heard any of the music from these programs, you can find a lot of the cuts on YouTube. But they don’t really compare to the experience of hearing them in the context of the show which includes recipes, interviews and a whole slew of weirdness. If you’re interested at all in what McCartney was up to in the late nineties right before Flaming Pie came out, do yourself a favor and download full episodes from your favorite source of such exotic wares.


Not sure why, but lately I have been thinking a lot about late night radio. Maybe it’s because I was recently listening to an old recording of Terrence McKenna on Coast to Coast AM back when it was hosted by Art Bell.

I originally remember catching the broadcast when it aired completely by accident at around 2am on my clock radio during my first year on my own. It blew my mind. But what was also amazing was the feeling that there were countless other heads and seekers out there listening to the same program at the same time – coast to coast. 

Don’t get me wrong. The advent of podcasting has made culture and information available that just would have never seen the light of day otherwise, but there is just something magical about those late night broadcasts. Something communal. Something  spooky.