2001: A Space Odyssey Explained Perfectly

This read-a-long book is a perfect and succinct summery of exactly what occurs in Kubrick’s 2001. As one of the comments says, if you’ve ever run into someone who just didn’t “get” the movie, point them here.

Why this exists is the true mystery.


Rudy Rucker’s Writer’s Toolkit


I found Rudy Rucker’s Writer’s Toolkit to be clear concise and extremely helpful.

While most guides to writing are full of bubbly, non-sensical advice about finding a voice and Coach Taylorisms about work habits and inspiration, this one is the complete opposite: a nuts and bolts guide to building a novel brick by brick. getting it done and selling it.

It’s a really good, really enlightening read. But what’s even better is the large collection of book notes  – journals that reflect the construction of each novel – he keep on his site. Honestly, I’m surprised that he would release these to the public, as they seem really personal. but hey, he did, and they are fascinating



Nice Boat, Man.

You move to the seaside on the Long Island Sound. And you watch people cruise around in their boats. And you watch how these poor suckers have to hose the salt water off them after every trip. It’s either that or pay through the nose for some slip in a dumpy place that calls itself a marina.  The price of gas is absurd. The cost of maintenance a cruel joke. You watch them and you think, the last thing I would wish upon my worst enemy is the burden of a boat.

Then you see this picture. Then you think, hey, I need a boat.