Japanese William Gibson Covers

These are covers for William Gibson Sprawl novels (Mona Lisa Overdrive is missing) published by Hayakawa, and designed by Yukimasa Okumura. They have a kind of proto-glitch art look to them, although upon close inspection you can see they are actually very intense collages.SwJLtGZnYMFrXI-1ajcUeVC-1


Changing the Yosemite system font to San Franscisco


Using instructions found on Github, I successfully changed the system font on my Mac from Yosemite’s default Helvetica Neue to San Francisco, Apple’s newly designed font for the upcoming iWatch.

While I won’t be getting an iWatch because I don’t need a computer actually strapped to my body, I do think the font that it uses is quite nifty: a clean, adaptive sans serif  that, for some treason I haven’t quite figured out yet, is a lot easier on the eyes than Helvetica Neue.

What can I say? It feels like a brand new machine!


The Art of John Harris

This is the art of John Harris, whose work has graced the covers of countless sci-fi novels. I found an entire gallery of his work here.

He also has a site where you can buy his paintings. Yes, they are expensive. I could spend literally hours staring at and being inspired by art like this. I have never understood why it hasn’t been embraced and studied at the same level as the stuff you find in the Met.