I didn’t know about this until today. The Google Art Project allows you to tour museums and check out a huge range of amazing paintings in ridiculously high resolution. 

The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and 151 acclaimed art partners from across 40 countries. Using a combination of various Google technologies and expert information provided by our museum partners, we have created a unique online art experience. Users can explore a wide range of artworks at brushstroke level detail, take a virtual tour of a museum and even build their own collections to share. With a team of Googlers working across many product areas we are able to harness the best of Google to power the Art Project experience. Few people will ever be lucky enough to be able to visit every museum or see every work of art they’re interested in but now many more can enjoy over 30 000 works of art from sculpture to architecture and drawings and explore over 150 collections from 40 countries, all in one place. We’re also lucky at Google to have the technology to make this kind of project a reality.


I listened to an interview with David Lee Roth where he was talking about the fact that he lived in a very small apartment in Tokyo with a minimum of stuff. A spartan life riding his bike to go shopping, taking Japanese lessons and learning to sword fight. 

It was inspiring. Especially since we’re talking about someone who is close to sixty. It made me want to get rid of a lot of my things. I have done that already of course, many times over. but somehow I still seem to retain a bunch of boxes. Books, instruments, coats, shoes and assorted tools that I think I need. This has me questioning it all again and wondering if I could cut it all in half again.