Shattered Like a Glass Goblin

By Ellison and Stout from Heavy Metal Volume 2, issue 6.


Woman Draws Self-Portraits During LSD Trip


These self-portraits are really neat – and get intensely psychedelic as the artists moves towards peaking. I wonder how many tabs she ate. The original post on Reddit says she ingested 200ug of acid. there’s usually between 50 and 150ug per tab. Assuming that she was using blotter acid, which is by far the most common type, you would have to figure she ingested at least two.

After seeing a few of these experiments, I continue to be amazed at the level of artistic concentration and performance these people retain while on the other side.

Dangerous Minds has the whole series.


The Art of John Harris

This is the art of John Harris, whose work has graced the covers of countless sci-fi novels. I found an entire gallery of his work here.

He also has a site where you can buy his paintings. Yes, they are expensive. I could spend literally hours staring at and being inspired by art like this. I have never understood why it hasn’t been embraced and studied at the same level as the stuff you find in the Met.


Adobe is running an interview with one of my favorite all-time comic book cover artists, Bill Sienkiewicz. He spends most of the interview talking about his use of photoshop. but there are a few other interesting bits in there as well, like who he looks to for inspiration:

Neal Adams set the bar high in terms of realism and a unique illustrative approach. I love the work of Alex Toth, who did Saturday morning cartoons with such a perfect grasp of saying the most with the absolute least with simple lines. In general, I gravitate toward artists who mix it up in terms of media and who have a personal vision—where I get a connection to the creator’s worldview and their story. To name a few favorites and committing the grievous sin of omission of others who will come to mind later, I admire Kyle Baker, Frank Miller, Mark Silvestri, Mike Mignola, David Mack, Brian Haberlin, Wendy Farrow, and Amanda Conner.