Being Twelve

You’ll find a ton of parenting advice online. There are countless blogs, magazines and subreddits each filled with a slew of “expert” advice on how to raise your kids.

But what’s often missing from the equation is the kids themselves. Surprisingly few resources across any media focus on a child’s point of view. There is Michael Apted’s excellent UP series. And there are a some sociological and anthropological studies that looks at childhood from the perspectives of children – although these tend to focus in on specific issues such as divorce. But generally speaking, there is surprisingly little out there that can help parents to get an unmediated view of their child’s world.

WNYC has launched a new project called Being Twelve. It’s a series of first person interviews with children on the cusp of adulthood. The series is pretty NYC-centric. But most of the insight that shines through here is universal. Best of all the series really focuses on letting kids answer important questions in their own words.


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