Tim Pope’s Phone

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 5.22.32 PM

This is a link to Tim Pope’s 31 minute short Phone. Phone was apparently based off a real conversation that Pope found on an audio tape of unknown origin. The film stars, Amanda Plummer, Bill Pullman, Linda Blair (!) and Ed Blatchford.  It’s s one of my favorites – hilarious, scary, strange and filled with surreal mood swings. Pay special attention to the art direction in all three of the rooms shown – it seems like every item on screen is designed to raise upsetting questions. And none of those questions get answered.

Pope is the director behind Crow: City of Angels. But before he made the film that he desperately wanted to take his name off of, he was the director of too many great music videos to write out, so I’ll steal this list from wikipedia:



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