Ghost Hunting


I’m on the hunt for a very particular edition of a very particular book. 

Between the the ages of 7 and 10, I had a favorite book that I would take out nearly every week from the school library: All About Ghosts. It was part of Usborne Publishing’s World of the Unknown Series – a sort of precursor to the TimeLife series for kids. Along with the ghost book there was also a volume about UFO’s which I took out quite often and a volume about monsters, which my school didn’t have.

I recently found some scans from All About Ghosts over at a site called the Haunted Closet. The person who runs the blog has really done a great job of highlighting some of the very best parts of what made the books so special. 

So now, I’m on a mission. Not just to get my hands on the book, but to get my hands on a 1977 edition. At some point during the the last 36 or so years, Usborne replaced the Amazing cover of the original with this:


Yeah, not quite as cool. I’ve found a few listings – particularly on but from what I can gather everyone seems to stock the 1998 edition.  


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