Michael Moorcock Finds – Part 2



I’ve talked about the Elric series here before, but I can’t really convey just how fun it really is. Elric is a Melnibonean – a cruel and formal people who share some distant genes with the dragons they command who lay asleep beneath their city.

Early  in the series Elric leaves his throne and decides to wander the weird lands that surround him in search of adventure and fortune. His main traveling companion is Stormbringer,  a demon that has manifested in this world in the shape of a black sword. With each person Stormbringer shears in half, Elric absorbs their energy – creating a strangely dependent relationship.





These two books belong to the Chronicles of Corum – an Eternal Champion series featuring Moorcock’s Corum character, which I think falls outside the narrative presented in the Swords Trilogy I wrote about in Part 1.






The Time Dweller is a series of surreal short stories that Moorcock published in New Worlds during the sixties when he was also editing the magazine. A lot of the stories deal with notions of time and the nature of reality. Very trippy.






The Land Leviathan is a sequel to Warlord of the Air which I posted in Part One. Like that book, the story covers an alternate history that weaves in a lot of imagery you would probably call Steampunk.





The Sundered Worlds is the first book where Moorcock introduces the notion of his Multiverse – the hundreds of dimensions of reality from which his characters are drawn.





The Michael Kane series, seems to be inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series.

It takes us to fantastic version of Mars populated by wild creatures, magnificent cities, and of course, lots of Adventure. As you can see from the cover of this book, this series was originally published under the name Edward P. Bradbury and, in fact, Moorcock uses much the same technique as Burroughs in telling the story, making Bradbury merely a reported who tells of how he met the hero Michael Kane and came to learn all about his adventures.


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