Michael Moorcock Finds Part One


This is An Alien Heat, the first book in Michael moorcock’s excellent Dancers at the End of Time series. most of the story happens in a version of what’s probably Earth somewhere in the far far future where the universe is on it’s very last legs. the story combines Steampunk, time travel, fantasy and violence in a psychedelic soup of somewhat mind melting fun.

I’m posting it because I recently checked out a library sale consisting of nothing but Sci-fi paperbacks, most of them from the sixties and seventies. Apparently the donor was moving out of state and didn’t want to take his collection with him. Why he decided to let the library sell off his treasure trove of novels at ONE DOLLAR EACH I’ll never understand, but there you have it.

Moorcock is one of my favorite science-fiction and fantasy authors ever. His output is prolific to the point of being absurd. I once found a post on his message board where he said that at the peak of his writing he would generate upwards of 15,000 words a day. Considering most of his novels are between 40,000 and 60,000 that means he was cranking out something like a novel a week.

If you’re not familiar with his fiction, it’s far out in the best sense of the word: lucid yet wonderfully psychedelic. All while weaving a dense web of internal mythology dealing with the “Eternal Champion” and an ongoing war between Law and Chaos.

I’ll be posting a number of other finds over the coming week but here are my scores from the multiverse of Moorcock (Part one):


From it’s description The Black Corridor  sounds like straight up nail-biting sci-fi. Mostly I’m excited about the incredible cover art that looks like something you’d find hanging in the waiting room of a particularly strange psychotherapy office.


From the sole review I found on Amazon This sounds like kind of like a Faustian  story. Again, I mostly picked this one up for the freaky cover art which, I’ll be honest, is somewhat nightmare inducing.


As the subtitle says these are both part of the Castle Brass Series which itself is part of a much bigger universe of books Moorcock created dealing with the Eternal Champion. These books stretch across different universes, dimensions and worlds each dealing with a different iteration of the same character who gets into adventures and usually has some larger destiny involving balancing the forces and gods of Law and Chaos.



Both of these books are part of the Eternal Champion Corum series which is great, weird and exceeding violent. The entire series has also been collected in an omnibus edition which  I highly recommend as the books are hard to digest separately.


This book is part of the Nomad of the Time Streams series (which is again, available as an omnibus) which has a steampunk/alternate history bent.



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