Why Aren’t More Radio Stations Broadcast Live from Lighthouses?

In John Carpenter’s The Fog, Adrian Barbeau has possibly the coolest Job in the history of cinema: radio DJ broadcasting out of an old lighthouse. There’s not much that can beat this – unless you were a DJ broadcasting out of an observatory perched on the cliffs over-looking the ocean. And possibly fighting off alien invasions.


Now, we have two light houses within view of our local beach and there are a total number of zero radio DJs broadcasting out of them. Why not? Well it comes down to boring practicalities like no transportation and general lack of electricity and/or broadcasting equipment.  In short there’s no compelling reason to stick a DJ out there and about hundred really good reasons not to.  Which is as equally true as it is boring.


The things is, there’s no compelling reason to stock a DJ out there except the most compelling reason of all:  

It would be super, super cool.

I mean just think of laying on the floor of your living room at night, the walls illuminated only by the glow of the stereo tuner, listening as some lone voice out there on the water taking phone calls and requests deep into the twilight zone. 


Imagine a world where that happens. Don’t you want to live there?


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